March 4, 2021

Digital Marketing Is About a Relationship

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Business and company owners are always asking us how to get a leg up on the competition and get their digital brand message out to as many people as possible. The truth is that your business has to provide value. Once you determine that you are providing value we can help.

No amount of digital marketing can help a company that is not providing value to its customers or clients. It’s simple if you aren’t providing value no one is going to buy-in to your product or services. If you are providing value you become invaluable and you are a subject matter expert. You fulfill a need from someone willing to pay for it. Whether it’s insurance, auto sales/repair, construction, repairs, resale, counsel, or widgets you are the expert!

The role of a digital marketing company or firm is to help you capitalize on the product, or services you provide that provide value to your clients, or customers.

Helping you get the word out about your product or service in a digital firm begins with an internal dive into your company. What is your corporate DNA? What do you want for your clients? Why should customers choose your product or service over your competitors? What do you have to offer that’s different from the competition? What difference can you make in the lives of your customers/clients versus the competition? What sets you apart? Don’t worry about the size of your company or your budget. In a digital marketing age, those are the wrong questions. To put it simply, you get what you pay for.

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Online discount website design companies are a dime a dozen and they make their money through volume. Many do a great job. However, having a local, digital partner is different from having an agency of record. A digital marketing partner invests more time in your company than national firms. They dig and they dig deep to get your story and tell it in the right way. They value your expertise as a subject matter expert and apply their marketing expertise to your situation. The key ingredient is that they want to form a partnership with you and a long-term relationship. Healthy digital marketing is about the long play. It’s not a sprint for immediate results, although those can happen. It’s a chess game! Digital marketing firms worth their value want to help you with every aspect of your digital message. Everything from website development, social media, branding, imaging, and targeting is on the table.

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When you have a true digital marketing partner they are going to develop a strategy that is designed to gain web traffic, ROI, organic, and paid growth through disciplined marketing approaches. It will include thought leadership, valuable content, social media, audio searches, intentional SEO, and a design that reflects your company at the core. Too many companies make the mistake of paying big bucks for a short-term yield without considering the consequences of a long, intentional marketing play.

At WebSpeak Media we’ve been helping clients get results with intentional digital marketing for over 20 years! Our team is small, nimble, informed, and experts in their field. We understand small to medium businesses and manufacturers. Our first goal is to listen to our clients, develop a relationship with them and proceed from there. If a digital marketing company isn’t taking the time to listen to your story, hear your passion and heartbeat for business then you are wasting a lot of time and money.

Contact, or call us today to help you find the solutions to your digital marketing questions and problems. We do not take on every potential client and will be honest about your situation as to whether we can help or not. Our company is family-owned, local, and deliberate about our customers, or clients.

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WebSpeak Media
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