September 19, 2019

Don’t Tax the Non-Profits

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Recent political rumblings are taking a dim view of non-profit organizations. The desire to tax churches, charities, private schools, and other worthwhile organizations based on their beliefs seems to be easy fodder for politicians and critics.

Simply put, if you don’t believe in what a particular certified non-profit organization stands for, or believes then don’t support them. Don’t contribute to them financially and don’t support them through social media, email, events, etc. The great thing about America is that we have non-profits with beliefs across the board. Nearly all of them are helping people who otherwise cannot help themselves. Most of them have a positive message, vision and mission. Yes, a few are suspect, but let the IRS make that call.

Be careful when you draw lines/boundaries against people who believe, practice, or represent opposing views from yours. Why? Because eventually someone is going to be offended, or upset by your organization. However, if you go after them, how much longer will it be before someone goes after the non-profit you support, or believe in?

If an organization has obtained a fully certified 501(c)3 status then it has gone through enough paperwork to kill a forest. The IRS is not in the habit of granting non-profit status to any and all organizations. They scrutinize, research and dig deep to find out what the organization is about and insure its compliance with federal and state statutes. And they reject applications on a daily basis.

Taxing churches, private schools and other non-profit organizations is a slippery slope. Just when you think organization “X” is one that needs to be purged, there’s a fairly good chance someone is looking at organizations you support through the same lens. It’s risky.

Affirming the right of organizations you don’t support, or affirm doesn’t mean you embrace them. It simply means you recognize they are free to express their views, mission and vision. If one falls they all fall! And that is the bottomline.

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