May 28, 2020

Investment Precedes Dividend

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There are just too many get rich schemes available to the gullible today. Everywhere we turn there is someone who is willing to do anything with the latest something to change everything. Confused? You should be because that’s what they thrive upon.

There is no substitute for the investment of hard work. Investment precedes dividend. There are no freebies for ungained dividends. To realize a dividend you have to earn your way! We live in a world of immediate yield, results, gratification and payoff. It’s not reality, but it’s what a lot of people expect. Pretend you are a teenager with a fairy large lawn mowing enterprise. What would happen if you tell your biggest client (3 acres with gardens) that you expect to be paid before services are rendered? The homeowner would not pay and will probably laugh in your face. And rightfully so. Until you mow the grounds you have no claim on the billing. No work, no play!

One of the most difficult things in educating a new digital client is to think about long-term investment. Immediate expectations are highly overrated. Why? It takes time to establish your presence on the web. It takes time to develop SEO and for your keywords/phrases for Google to catch up.

You can’t expect immediate results just because you have joined the Internet community. A new website designed to respond to Google is great. However, you have to work hard to convince Google that you are relevant and ready to engage the world wide web. Regardless of its beauty it takes time for a website to optimize (search relevance) and generate traffic. The more pages you have the more opportunities. The more intentional, thought leadership content you have the better the chances you have of reaching new customers/clients. In the digital world, there is no, “if you build it they will come,” mantra. People will actually miss your website if it’s not relevant and tied to key words, phrases and tags designed to get Google’s attention.

Developing a website in your Mom’s basement is no longer enough! You need pros who spend their entire day 24/7 figuring out how to make a site, or client relevant. Why? Because it’s there job and skill set. They know how to generate traffic through creative, engaging ways that make your product/company stand out from the competition.

At Webspeak Media we recognize that not all companies are the same. Every company deserves to be marketed on its own merit. We understand the competitive nature of the web and we do not want to wipe out the competition. Our goal is simply to help our clients find outlets for a clear, concise and engaging message that reaches their target audience.

We help clients find their voice and tell their story in a world full of noise. Our goal is to help our clients stand out from the crowd and distinguish themselves amidst the noise. Don’t worry about the noise of the competition. Engage people who are simply trying to paint a picture that stands out from the crowd. You deserve the best so ask for it!

Charlie Carter, Partner
WebSpeak Media

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