April 5, 2022

Marketplace Compassion a Slippery Slope

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Having compassion in the marketplace can be detrimental or rewarding depending upon the level of compassion that is extended. There are clients who have more than earned a compassionate ear and voice from their digital provider. Then there are those who are over-demanding, unrealistic, and drive your team nuts with their constant demands that exceed contractual obligations.

Separating truth from reality is one of the hardest things in digital media. Bruised egos can cloud the way on brand strategy and hijack Google ratings and search results. It’s a balance in provision. Reputable digital media providers or firms want to establish a relationship with their clients for the long haul. They aren’t “milking” them for profit, but want to provide tangible and measurable result metrics for their performance.

Digital marketing firms and specific industry-specific ones are a dime a dozen. These companies prey on the business’s specific services, products, and offerings from afar. Yet, the local digital media provider is genuinely looking out for the client’s best interests in terms of marketing strategy. They aren’t looking for a quick sale, but a marketing relationship that will build brand awareness, loyalty over time through a cogent, and deliberate marketing strategy.

Anyone can throw up a website through any number of online national providers. However, dialing into your brand message and target audience takes time. There are specific things your digital media provider needs to know about. Targe audience, competitors, the value you offer, and the results you are expecting. Relevance and ranking are upfront SEO determinators that should be discussed on the front end. Realistic goals are another. If someone promises you the moon be careful in their take on your business.

Welcome digital marketing agencies that question your approach, brand, product, services, and current marketing approach. They aren’t trying to turn you away. They are trying to make you think hard about the competitive landscape and the future.

You don’t need a “yes” man when it comes to digital marketing strategy. You need someone who is willing to ask the hard questions and allow them to dissect your business from an external position.

Clients love to hear what they are doing right, but the client’s on the precipice of a digital explosion and market expansion want to know their growing digital marketing edges and they are willing to listen to them.

Challenges are what reputable digital marketing firms love. They dig in deep and dive into their client’s story, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They find tangible and positive results to market and position their clients.

The goal is not to paint a false narrative but to capture the positives of the client’s product or services. To identify what separates them from the competition and highlight it. This marketing strategy is about building on the strengths of the client instead of attacking the competition. Wise digital media firms recognize the value in promoting their clients’ strengths versus attacking the competition.

Honesty is a significant part of this process. The digital marketing firm will be honest with clients and advise if they are making claims about products or services that are not true. They will help their clients capitalize on the things that a true and enduring for the target audience. You cannot market untruths and deceptions while claiming to be an ethical company. Reputation management is essential in this day of Google Reviews and disgruntled, former employees. Strong digital providers are able to separate truth from unproven attacks and accusations. Reputation management is vital in today’s digital marketing platforms.

Ethical digital marketing firms will walk away from bad actors, but they will defend the innocent to the nth degree. The best advice is to be totally honest with your digital provider so they know the lay of the land moving forward.

Charlie Carter, Partner WSM

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