Our Process

Our proven methodology begins with your leadership and our team. We believe that a great team is the sum of individuals who are not only highly-skilled professionals but also love to engage, discuss and explore never ending possibilities. Humor and coffee are an essential part of WebSpeak’s approach. While we take our work seriously and your company we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know how to laugh, have fun and create.

Our team assesses what’s going to work best for your business through a combination of partnership, digital ecosystem planning, and in-depth analysis of how you can utilize the digital world more effectively. We’re passionate about the details and we pay careful attention to your end users’ emotional responses to various design options.

We begin with a kick-off meeting to discuss the nature and scope of the project. We want to know what you want to accomplish, your goals and desired outcomes. During the kickoff meeting we will ask a lot of open ended questions. We will engage, but the point of the kick-off is for us to listen and gain as much insight into your company, products/services, people, and customers or clients as possible. We want to know your corporate values, mission, purpose, organizational culture, process, customers and competitors. Don’t worry if we ask about something you are not currently doing, or don’t understand. We want to help you learn and grow in your understanding of all things digital. A scope of work will be provided as part of our proposal so you will know what to provide and what we are recommending based on metrics, research and our experience.

Depending on the nature of a project, the kick-off meeting may be followed by any combination of the following: stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, market research, competitive analysis, and content strategy. In all cases, a Storybrand document is drafted for your internal marketing purposes and serves as our baseline for the entire project. Once the Storybrand document is approved we can begin to move onto content.

The discovery process identifies all site requirements and objectives. An audit of any existing analytics and research then helps to inform our content strategy and site architecture. We are also a big believer in providing options in levels of engagement that will allow us to grow together. Our goal isn’t to drain your budget, but to help you grow and expand as we provide value for you.

Content will be written from these personal conversations, input from your team, and the Storybrand document. All of these sources and other research material are used to funnel your content into a clear, concise and compelling message that is designed to increase end user engagement and value. Once the content is written and approved we will put together a website sitemap, or navigation (Home, About, Services, etc.) which you will approve. Once approved we will build out a homepage for an idea of the “look and feel” and your feedback. Upon approval we will build out the full site. Once the site is ready you will have the final say. If approved we will optimize the site and apply the Google console.

Let's Work Together!