May 13, 2021

Politics, Culture & the Economy Impact Your Digital Message/Strategy

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This week everyone was talking about gas lines and gas shortages thanks to the cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline. No one was immune to the run-on gas and panic buying. Gas prices went up simply because of a supply-demand issue. Let’s be honest it wasn’t Colonial’s fault, but some bad actors in Russia confirmed by the Feds. Our vulnerabilities for infrastructure, the grid, and other essential civil functions and vital services were exposed once again. We live in a digital world and not everyone is playing nice or by the books! Many times our clients are the target of bots, spammers, and malware that are beyond our control.

Elon Musk announces hesitations about cryptocurrency and Tesla due to the pull on the Grid and the not so environmentally friendly drain on electricity the Bitcoin currency incurs and the market slides. Middle East tensions on the rise and another mass shooting, but this time in Russia.

Culture, politics, and economics all collide at some point. Ellen is leaving daytime TV next year, J-lo and Ben Affleck are suddenly an item again, gas isn’t flowing, inflation is on the rise and the latest jobs and economic reports are providing conflicting information. Forget trickle-down economics think trickle-down impact upon the boots on the ground from service industries to manufacturing, local businesses, and then add in the residuals of COVID. All of these impact digital marketing and messaging.

Think about it this way. You throw a rock into a pond and it takes time for the ripples to get to the other side, but they eventually do. For example, when we saw the tanker beached in the Suez Canal it was a novel story until we realized that shipping containers were backed up for miles in the ocean and the disruption of goods to the marketplace were seriously delayed driving up point of purchase costs. Like it or not, we live in a global economy. Car, electronics, and appliance manufacturers can’t get enough chips to provide the consumer appetite for these goods. Used car sales are through the roof and in high demand. The housing industry is maxed out by the demand for houses as people make offers on homes sight unseen. Building material and supply costs are through the roof and it’s a seller’s market.

One of the biggest mistakes companies and service providers make is to panic like the gas supply. In times of upheaval and challenge, more than ever it’s incredibly important to continue and invest in your digital message. As the competition panic’s your best bet is to stay the course and invest more. Be the lone voice of service, or manufacturing provision. If the competition blinks and backs off, go forward. Your “lone voice” will be a welcome beacon of supply, services, and resources. Yes, it’s unconventional and against the grain, but don’t let market, cultural trends, and consumer panic rule your digital marketing and advertising plans. Stay the course!

Marketing and brand guru Donald Miller is famous for saying that when the competition is lowering its price maintain or raise yours and increase your marketing share. Don’t let the competition, politics, culture, and environment dictate the value of your product or service.

Keep your message clear and simple, stay committed to your target audience and messaging, while seeking creative and innovative ways to tell your story. This is the heart of digital marketing, cutting through the noise to reach people who need and want your product or services.

Calm, cogent, intentional digital marketing is like the stock market. Serious players are in for the long haul and don’t panic, or make reactionary decisions based on day-by-day market trends. They know investing is a marathon, not a sprint. The best digital marketers are looking at the trends for the long play and endurance. Resist the temptation to get fast results through your digital marketing plan and strategy. Stay the course and follow the metrics of a long-term commitment.

At WebSpeak Media we’ve been advising small to medium-sized businesses on their digital marketing strategy for over 20 years. We don’t panic when the market does. We guard our client assets based on proven metrics and analysis. We understand the value of compelling content marketing and providing value for a greater ROI through best SEO practices, thought leadership, paid ads, social media positioning, and a compelling story. Contact us today for an analysis of your current digital marketing efforts and the long play. We value relationships with our clients based on proven metrics and results.

Charles Carter, Partner
Webspeak Media


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