A blog is a great way to add content to your website and social media platforms or your 3rd party site. Thought Leadership Papers (TLP) and Blogs share some similarities but they are not the same. A blog is mostly opinion and is typically a few hundred words. Blogs are shorter, more frequent and designed to generate awareness.

A blog is one way you can garner immediate attention, but it will be mostly confined to the number of followers you have and potential new readers. A TLP is critical, in-depth knowledge and expertise offered on a particular subject matter aimed/targeted toward a specific customer demographic. It provides the information they are searching for from a subject matter expert.

Blogs are great for short details, the information you need to get out immediately and appealing to the masses. They are also less formal than heavily researched thought leadership papers. You can also have a lot of creative freedom in a blog, employ humor and use more images than you can in a TLP.

Many of our clients at WebSpeak Media employ both concepts, while others choose one over the other as part of their overall content marketing plans.

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