Content Marketing Inventory

The first step in conducting a digital marketing content audit is to identify what content you need to include. This will usually involve conducting something of a ‘content inventory’, in which you make a list of the web pages and assets you’d like to analyze.

This could include:

The important thing is that your audit is detailed enough to give you the insights you need to make real improvements. Provided you do that, it can be shaped to correspond with your resources and the timescale of the project.

Measuring Your Content’s Success in Connecting with Prospective Customers/Clients/Patients

The most important question you should be asking about your content is also arguably the simplest: is it working? After deciding the extent of what you wish to audit, you should compile a list of data sources that offer metrics by which you can measure the success of your content. This could include:

Each of these sources will tell you different things about your content success. Keyword tracking, for instance, will allow you to track how well you are doing in rankings for targeted keywords, and which pages are ranking for them. You can track keywords locally, too, for a more detailed view of how you are performing in specific target markets.

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