Content Marketing

Content marketing specialist and author, David Meerman Scott states, “People don’t go to the web looking for advertising; they are on a quest for content.” Great digital marketing firms understand that content drives the bus.

When someone lands on your website you have somewhere between 5-8 seconds to make an impression and gain their full attention.

You must have compelling, meaningful and strategic content to keep them from clicking away. It’s not only about headers, call to actions, the body and how it’s laid out. While that is important you need content that considers your companies DNA, goals, mission, and the value you provide while providing that value through words, images, infographics, thought leadership, blogs, video, podcasts, and more. Great digital designers cannot overcome poor content. The goal of content marketing is to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and to generate profitable customer action.

WebSpeak Media understands the importance of content marketing and we have a strong portfolio of experience to back it up. The combination of a digital marketing strategy driven by total content marketing in your website, social media and all forms digital, and backed by cogent SEO practices is what tells your story in a way that results in a strong ROI, traffic, leads, increased revenue and brand awareness.


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