Digital Marketing Audits

Accept that Digital is No Longer a Differentiator! If you aren’t aware of how your competitors are using digital technology, you’re already falling behind. Being digital is no longer enough. Conducting a Digital Marketing Audit is like performing a CT scan for your current digital footprint. We dig deep into your digital DNA and see what is strong, what is missing, and what can add value for your specific industry and business. We will examine your website, content, SEO, content marketing efforts, social media presence and assess the current situation through Google Analytics and other tangible metrics.


Website Design-we look at your current website and digital presence analyzing things you want and don’t want from the existing website. Whether it is dated or not there are things you will want to bring to the new site development and those you will want to leave in the past.

Technology- Our seasoned team reviews your current technology footprint to determine your current presence and the type of site you currently have whether CMS, WordPress, etc. We also assess the functionality and performance of your technology presence through a series of metrics that provide quantifiable data as we evaluate your current situation.


  • Volume
  • Relevant
  • Image Integration
  • Video Integration

We measure the volume of content your current site has in comparison to the competition and other high performing websites. More pages, more content tickles Google’s algorithm and increases your ranking and digital relevance.

Relevance in content is incredibly important. You can have a great message but if it is not designed for your target audience and clients it will not generate conversions and will have a high bounce rate. We want to help you create and maintain digital relevance in your content.

Image Integration is important. Do you have professional images ready for a website or will you require new images and a photographer? We will help you determine what images are suitable for the digital message you are wanting to communicate.

Video integration is dependent upon quality. Too many websites have videos from 3rd party sites with poor quality. Our audit will help determine if you have a need for video, suggestions on how to use it on a new website, and recommendations of strong videographers.

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