Storybrand is the brain-child of best-selling, acclaimed author and marketing expert, Donald Miller. Storybrand is a marketing vehicle designed to help companies empower their customers/clients and promote them as the hero, not their brand. The narrative is designed to break through the noisy world of brand/marketing with a simple, clear, concise and on-point narrative of a client’s company. The idea is to make your story stand out from the noise of other companies in the digital marketplace through a “brand script.” Miller frames it this way: “In every line of copy we write, we’re either serving the customer’s story or descending into confusion; we’re either making music or making noise. Nobody remembers the company that makes noise.”

Every day whether we realize it, or not, we engage in the art of story. Our trip to work is a story. Getting the kids ready for school is a story. Hanging out with your neighbors is a story. Family gatherings are a story. You get the idea. Life is done in conversation, not facts. Facts are important, but they cannot convey the power of your story. Your story is important. And telling it in a simple, compelling way is one of the best positioning or marketing strategies you can employ.

At WebSpeak Media we have adopted many of the Storybrand principles as a foundational digital marketing tool. We want to tell your story in simple language that cuts through the noise of the market so your product/services stand out from the competition.

Every story has a hero and a villain (challenge). The villain stands in opposition to the hero and wants to cloud or stymie the message. The hero is a subject expert. For us the hero is you! We are simply guides to help you along the journey. In turn, your customers/clients are your heroes and you, or your company function as their guides. Storybrand is a client/customer-focused platform instead of a brand play. By focusing on the customer/hero and providing what they want, or need, the narrative actually promotes your brand in a creative, engaging way.

The Storybrand script is not meant to be exhaustive. It is strictly an internal document/guide to help frame your brand strategy along with other marketing platforms. Let us tell your story in a compelling way that creates lasting traction and reaches potential/existing customers. Your story needs to be told and it needs to provide value!

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