May 26, 2020

Social Media Sucks If……

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Let’s face it social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Linkedin…) is an incredible platform to promote your company and connect with your clients or customers. You can build followers, buy ads, boost posts, increase brand awareness, and simply connect with audiences that may not otherwise visit your website. But not every platform is for every business! Just because you can have a company Instagram account doesn’t mean it’s the smart play compared to other social media platforms.

However, social media sucks if you don’t post, update, or stay current with it. The advantages of social media have a library of metrics to support the platforms for business. You wouldn’t dare engage an outdoor advertising billboard campaign without a message, current offer, or deal. You wouldn’t have a stagnant website with no activity. Then why would you create a social media page or account that you don’t post anything? It serves no purpose. Actually it can hurt you. Users can find your empty Twitter, or Facebook page, see no activity, and never come back to you, or your website.

Social media is exactly that, social! You have to maintain relevancy and provide value to people, potential customers/clients that land on your page. The cost of not doing so can be expensive. Too many companies, businesses, and organizations crank up their digital marketing strategy with every social media platform possible and then never, or rarely post to it. Irrelevance. You don’t want to be irrelevant in the digital world. It’s like asking someone to play the latest Top 40 hit on an 8-track, cassette, or CD. If you can’t play music in a digital format quit now.

The first question in considering social media is what is your gameplan? What’s the big picture of your digital marketing footprint? Do you really need to be on every platform? The short answer is no. It depends on your business or organization. Let’s say you manufacture and sell widgets. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook may not be the best application for your goals and the potential customers you are trying to connect with and reach. Etsy may be a better option for you.

Too many companies from accountants to physicians, dentists, retail, etc., have Linkedin, Twitter, or FB accounts that have never been touched. Why do you have the icon for Linkedin and other social media on your website if you aren’t going to post regularly? Be relevant. Promote your value proposition to prospective customers. It’s not a rocket or human genome science. It’s really easy. Designate your digital marketing agency to be responsible for the social media they think works best for you. Sure it’s gonna cost. It takes time and effort to post creatively and generate relevant content for ads and posts.

If your digital consultant has advised a few social media outlets, but you want to save some bucks then designate a team member to be responsible for regularly posting to those sites. Ask your digital media consultant to come alongside and coach the person in what to post and what to avoid. But whatever you do, don’t leave social media accounts hanging. If you haven’t posted to a social media account in 6 mo’s to a year take it down. It’s hurting you more than it’s helping. That little Twitter or FB icon on your business card or website could be leading people to NOTHING.

You don’t have to post every day. In fact, you can post too much, too soon and too often. Posting 2-3 times a week is a good rule of thumb. If you have a ton of followers post more, but make sure it’s relevant and offers value to the user.

Social Media is a great marketing resource, but you’ve got to use it wisely and regularly. Contact your Digital Media Design firm to find out how you can make this powerful tool work for you.

Monty Carter
Storyteller & Brand Strategist


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