September 7, 2021

The Rewards of Labor

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Labor Day weekend is one of America’s oldest Federal holidays dating back to 1894 when President Grover Cleveland signed it into law. It came with a high cost. From the History channel:

“But the history behind the Labor Day holiday is far more complex and dramatic than most might realize, starting with a heated campaign by workers in the late 19th century to win support and recognition for their contributions. In July 1894, President Grover Cleveland finally signed into law legislation creating a national Labor Day holiday in early September—even as federal troops in Chicago brutally crushed a strike by railroad and Pullman sleeping car company workers, leaving some 30 people dead.”

Labor Day weekend has traditionally been set aside as a time to acknowledge the hard labor of American workers everywhere. Barbecues, cookouts, fireworks, and parades dot the American landscape from small towns to big cities.

Americans have always been among the most industrious, hard-working, innovative, and creative people. We remember WWII and the sacrifices so many made for the war effort transforming factories into war-time producers. Throughout our history, the American worker has been known for going above and beyond expectations to produce products, services, and much-needed materials for national causes.

The pride in quality and workmanship from years gone by can still be seen in 21st Century America. In America, we have always valued work. Nothing in our country would survive if the men and women of our national workforce did not show up on a daily basis. Work is what drives the bus of ingenuity, manufacturing, production, service, and supply.

Meaningful work is the backbone of America from small businesses to large corporations and industries. Whether you are in manufacturing, technology, medicine, education, marketing, service industries, production, caregiving, transportation, etc., America needs you now more than ever! As the global economy imposes unprecedented shipping, logistical, materials, and supply demands the need for the American workforce has never been greater!

Italian, Irish, German, and immigrants from around the world have combined to produce an incredible, capable, and committed workforce. Their legacy is found in today’s workforce. Most of our roots are in those immigrants who sought freedom and the right to improve their quality of life. The current workforce across all strata of professions is indebted to their commitment and work ethic. To “lay down” on a job disrespects the very nature of our founding fathers and mothers.

Work is redemptive! You work hard to provide for your family and quality of life regardless of your profession. You work hard to maintain an admirable ethic handed down through generations of family and friends. You work hard to provide for those you love most.

Labor Day Weekend is an opportunity for employers to celebrate the contributions workers make to their bottom line, profit, productivity, and services. It’s also a chance for employees to express their gratitude for employers providing meaningful work. Regardless of your vocation, do your job well, show up, be on time and give an honest day’s worth of work. If you are unhappy in your job, continue to show up and be responsible while looking for another job. Quitting with short notice or out of anger will only harm future employment. Always leave a job on a positive note so the entry to the next job is positive!

This weekend we celebrate the American worker in all of her and his glory! We thank them for showing up, working hard, and being committed to the team in their respective areas of expertise. Enjoy this weekend set aside for you and be grateful for your employer and employer’s be grateful for those who strive to make your brand better!

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