February 23, 2021

The Rules of the Game

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If you are going to play golf you need to know the etiquette of the game.  Don’t walk in someone’s line on the green, mark your ball, remember your position and be quiet when someone is driving or putting.  Don’t fudge on your score and let fast players “play through” if you are playing slower than the intended pace of the game.  These are simple basics of the game, but there are many more. Golf is a gentlemen’s and ladies game.  Anything less corrupts the sport and its decorum.  

The same can be said about digital marketing.  Don’t cut corners, don’t plagiarize someone else’s ideas/thoughts, be honest in your claims and branding, don’t attack the competition but offer compelling value for your services or product.  Be honest about what you can and can’t deliver.  Character online matters so be truthful and don’t make blind promises you can’t fulfill.  

Too many clients want to create a facade of their business.  Think of it this way: A church positions itself as the “church that cares”, yet they rarely pay attention to the needs of those outside its membership.  A needy couple shows up one Sunday and it’s obvious they need help but no one reaches out to help them.  The service comes and goes and the couple leaves dejected and disappointed, yet the sign on the church says, “We care.”  

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When you promote yourself in a specific way you need to be able to deliver.  It won’t take long for public opinion to differentiate the authenticity of your claims.  If you “deliver on time” then make sure your logistics fulfills the bill.  If quality is your claim to fame then deliver quality goods for your customers.  If collaboration and creativity are your bread and butter then make sure your boots on the ground are willing to work with clients/customers and are willing to think outside the box.  If not, you will be branded a fraud quicker than it takes to cook grits.

Being who you are and who you claim to be must be aligned and congruent otherwise you will be exposed by clients and customers and word will travel fast about your reputation and deliverables.  The best digital marketing agency in the world cannot overcome half-truths and fraudulent claims.  Every company, every manufacturer has blind spots.  When leadership fails to address or face them they become liabilities.  And they are legitimate.  Word gets around.  

If you are engaging a new digital marketing partner be up front and honest with them. Be honest about your shortcomings and failures.  They need to know your weaknesses, strengths and failures.  Digital marketing companies that help their clients recognize these weak spots are worth their weight in gold.  Digital marketing at its core is honest and provides value to clients both the successful and those who are struggling.   Make sure your digital marketing company is asking about your failures, weaknesses and blindspots.  When it comes to SEO, site development, thought leadership and content marketing you don’t want a “yes” man!  

At Webspeak Media we work hard to provide digital value for our clients.  However, we aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions about your soft spots and the competition.  Contact us today to talk about your digital marketing needs from SEO, voice SEO, thought leadership, blogs, site development, PPC and much more.  We value our relationship with clients and love to tell their stories in a digital format!

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