October 11, 2021

WebSpeak Media Team Profile: Rebecca Carter

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Recently we sat down with Rebecca Carter to talk about her role at WebSpeak Media

Tell us about your background and how you ended up at WebSpeak

I started at Webspeak over four years ago after working in the financial industry.  Charles and Charlie knew I had a marketing degree so it was a natural fit. Basically, I started as an assistant where I would make simple updates, observe, and sit through client meetings. Back then I didn’t want to talk in meetings and now I lead them with clients and our team. It was slow at the beginning and I just gathered information. I was an assistant to a woman on our team who went on maternity leave so I had to step up my game when she left, especially in the areas of creative design and WordPress.

Describe your role at WSM?

I manage client accounts. I am the point of contact for our company and clients, so there’s a lot of interaction with clients, attending meetings, and helping coordinate their digital strategy with our team. Client management, client training, communication, and project management are all hats I wear for WSM.

My favorite part of the job is creating and designing websites. You start with a client who may have no idea what they want in a site, or they may have very specific ideas and the collaboration and interaction are so cool in helping them see their dreams and vision come to light!

What’s the best part about your job/role at WSM?

No two days are alike, which I love! It is nothing like the finance industry where every day was basically the same thing over and over. My favorite part, though, is the creative side. I love taking what the client wants and working with our writer and team to develop a website that captures the essence of their brand and achieves results through organic and paid search results. It’s like giving birth to something that provides value to our clients and results.

What’s it like work for WSM?

We are a small team and can work quickly and efficiently to respond to clients’ needs. As a boutique-style digital agency, we understand small businesses because we are as well. Our turnaround times are strong in making changes, updates, and expanding content as needed. The majority of our clients are small businesses owners like us serving B2B and B2C demographics. When you deal with us you aren’t going to have to go through multiple layers, departments, and levels to get a response. We turn things pretty quickly.v

I’m always proud when we turn a website from inception, design, and content into something that maximizes the client’s imaging/service while delivering measurable results and value. It’s a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that we’ve helped a business or non-profit expand its reach in compelling ways.

What have you learned in your time with WSM?

One of the coolest things about WSM is the diversity of clients and their specific industries, business, or services. I’ve learned so much about the many industries and businesses we serve on a daily basis. From vendors to service providers it’s been a great learning experience for me and our team.

How have you grown specifically in web design and development?

What a great question. On my first day at WebSpeak, I remember questioning whether I was going to be good at this or not. But, as time went by and I acquired more skills and strengths in design and development, I realized this was my forte. I literally learn something new every single day in this role. Over these four years, I’ve seen how web design and digital marketing are constantly changing and how far we’ve come in deliverables.

I look back on my very first website design and think about how much I could improve the site with what I know today versus four years ago. I’ve become so proficient in WordPress and feel like I know it like the back of my hand. I’ve learned so much about website design and development in four short years.

Describe a recent project you’ve worked on and feel good about.

We’ve been working with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department on their new website. The interaction and accessibility to their team and the Sheriff has been a great experience. It’s a privilege to help those who serve and protect us. We work with so many different clients and diverse industries or businesses and it really is a privilege to tell their stories digitally.

So tell us about yourself

I’ve lived in Greer since I was 1 and half years old. I graduated from Greer Middle College Charter High School and Greenville Tech. I have an older brother and two younger brothers so I was the only girl growing up and there was no slack. I love to say that my three brothers prepared me for marriage and the three brother-in-laws that came with it.

I love biking, working out, playing basketball and taking Jiu-Jitsu classes. I also love riding the motorcycle with my husband, Andrew, and exploring the many small-town gems out there in the Upstate of South Carolina and North Carolina.

My husband owns Barista Alley in downtown Greer, so we spend a lot of time in the city. Our dream is to one day either live in the heart of Downtown Greer, or buy a few acres outside of the city and build our dream house.

Overall, my pride and joy are our three Goldendoodles, Milo, Rosie, and Layla. Since I get to work from home, I am with them all the time. Being around them is definitely a huge perk to working from home.

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